Tesla Coil Build

I’d like to walk through the build of a musical tesla coil.  Over all I would give this kit a 9 out of 10 rating.

The instructions were only in Chinese, but the schematic and the image were clear enough that I got it built anyway.  I put a link to purchase a very similar kit on amazon below.  I hope you’ll give it a go.  You can also find the kit on aliexpress for significantly cheaper if you are patient and cheap.

Here is a photo of the schematic it came with:

I buzzed out some points and found the schematic is actually completely wrong though. For one, LED1 isn’t there, it goes from the base of Q2 to ground.  I’m pretty sure it is supposed to go the other way as well, to protect the base from large negative voltages.  I tried to create a correct schematic but I should have started before assembly. The board is pretty simple, but with all the parts soldered on already it’s a bit hard to create the correct schematic.

This is the finished item. The coil just sits there, so you will want to glue it on with something. Over all it’s a great kit and it really plays sound, though somewhat terribly.  Plasma speakers are usually only used for the high end though, so you might actually integrate one of these into a speaker box as a tweeter for fun.

The main problems were the instructions, and the schematic being incorrect.  It came with a small neon bulb you can watch light up when you hold it close.  That was definitely fun to play with. It does burn about 15 Watts for almost no sound output, but it’s a novelty anyway.

You can see the arc at the top pretty clearly.  This has really got me thinking and I think I’m going to try to construct a small tesla coil without the kit at some point just to understand the schematic better.

Check out my video as well:

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